Artistic Director Grand River Chorus:  Duties and Responsibilities


The Artistic Director [AD] is contracted by the Board of Directors [Board] of the Grand River Chorus [GRC] to develop a vision and to provide choral direction in collaboration with the board and membership of the GRC.

The AD is an advisor to the Board and a member of the Board in an ex-officio capacity. The AD is responsible for the provision of choral development of members through professional instruction and performance opportunities.

The AD will provide advice regarding the development of a three-year plan for the GRC and a budget required to achieve these goals.

The AD will support the GRC Strategic Plan and assist the Choir and the Board in the achievement of the goals therein.

The AD serves as the artistic spokesperson within both the GRC and the community at large.

Duties and Responsibilities

Artistic Responsibilities

Preparation and Development

  • Research and select appropriate choral materials in collaboration with the music committee and/or the accompanist which both engage, showcase, and further develop the skills and capabilities of members of GRC;
  • Audition current and prospective members of the chorus at his/her discretion;
  • Identify and provide opportunities to members for solo voice development;
  • Work with the Board to encourage a good balance of singers including younger choristers;
  • Secure sufficient sheet music to correspond with the rehearsal schedule in consultation with the GRC librarian;
  • Collaborate with the accompanist so as to ensure adequate preparation time;
  • Schedule regular weekly rehearsals during the season – copies to be provided to each chorister.
  • Provide choristers and the accompanist with rehearsal schedule of specific repertoire;
  • Schedule and conduct additional rehearsals upon consultation with the accompanist as may be required to achieve the desired level of preparedness for choral performance;
  • Work with the Board to encourage a new younger and more diverse audience;
  • Ensure the appropriateness of the performance venues and advise regarding specific concert requirements with respect to set up of the venues;
  • Prepare the text of programme notes as required.


  • Provide on-going expert musical education, guidance and assistance for the chorus;
  • Conduct regular rehearsals following the rehearsal schedule, and inform choristers in advance when a change is necessary.


  • Direct and conduct all performances of the GRC unless otherwise agreed upon for the purposes of joint or shared performance.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Attend (as an ex-officio member) all regularly scheduled Board meetings and such additional meetings as the Board deems necessary;
  • Report regularly to the Board President on progress and discuss pertinent choral concerns;
  • Afford sufficient time in each rehearsal period for dissemination of information for members;
  • Aid and assist the Board and its Treasurer in establishing an annual budget proposal;
  • Assist in the implementation of the Board’s approved Strategic Plan;
  • Provide assistance in the realization of GRC’s marketing objectives and fundraising initiatives;
  • Prepare and provide, in conjunction with the Program and Planning Sub-Committee, a comprehensive plan for the next choral Season.  This is to be submitted no later than January 1st of each year and must include a detailed costing accompanied by venue, rehearsals scheduled for each venue, and performance dates;
  • Contracting of guest artists will be a purview of the GRC Board, with advice from the AD. The Board will use standardized contracts for all guest artists.  The Recording Secretary will keep a record of all contracts signed for guest artists;
  • Actively seek out opportunities for the chorus to perform in addition to scheduled performances;
  • Artistic Director will meet with major donors to maintain friendly relationships with patrons;
  • Collaborate with GRC Board and volunteers on digital resources, such as online practice files for choristers, online rehearsals/concerts on digital media platforms when/if in person rehearsals or concerts are not possible.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Music, Music Education or equivalency in education and experience;
  • Proven successful experience as a choral director;
  • Sound knowledge and promotion of appropriate accuracy, blend, diction, musicality and other aspects of vocal music in preparing choirs for performance;
  • Experience in a wide variety of genres and styles, including Canadian music;
  • Awareness of and connection with potential soloists and orchestral musicians;
  • Experience working with orchestras as choral accompaniment would be an asset;
  • Skills and abilities related to on-line rehearsals and/or performances would be an asset;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills;
  • Proven organizational and problem-solving skills;
  • Effective communication skills: oral, written and electronic;
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a board of directors and sub-committees;
  • Excellent public relations skills.