Travel Through Time with Grand River Chorus

If Encanto is your only exposure to the Madrigals, fear not! Grand River Chorus has a show for you.  The choir is performing a showcase of madrigal music from the 1500s to present day as part of its 25th anniversary concert lineup.

What’s a Madrigal you ask?

A madrigal is a type of song that was popularized in Europe during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.  They can be written for two to eight voices, but are typically for three to six voices.  They are written in various styles focusing on popular themes of the time period with lyrics from the local vernacular.

Why Madrigals?

“This is a really versatile type of music and it is a fun challenge for the choir to sing,” says GRC’s Artisitic Director, Ron Cheung. “This theme allows us to showcase a huge variety of music with a unique common thread.”

This concert will feature several small groups of choir members performing various madrigals as well as a 3 madrigal set performed by our fabulous Emerging Artists.

What Will I Hear?

The performance will start with a piece from the 1500s by Italian composer, Baldassare Donato and work up to modern-day melodies including an ABBA medley and Roger Emerson’s arrangement of the Paul Simon classic, The Sound of Silence.  Which tunes will take you between these two extremes? You’ll have to attend the show to find out!

Come Travel Through Time with Grand River Chorus!

The concert takes place at St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church in Brantford on Monday, March 18th at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

This is the second to last concert in GRC’s 25th anniversary season. The choir will be closing the milestone year in May with a 25th Anniversary Gala concert featuring favourites from past performances.

Grand River Chorus is a mixed voice, auditioned community choir, that provides high quality choral music performances to residents of Brantford and surrounding area. The choir was founded in 1999 and became a registered charity in 2000.  Grand River Chorus has a repertoire of over 300 songs, ranging from classical to jazz, gospel, opera, and broadway music.