GRC 25th Anniversary Concert and Gala

The Grand River Chorus will be premiering a commissioned piece of music at its 25th Anniversary Gala Concert on May 26th. This is the first commissioned work from the GRC, and it will be  the focus of the season’s capstone concert of favourite songs from the choir’s history. The song, titled “Let’s Sing Our Songs,” was written by an award-winning Canadian Composer, Frank Horvat, with lyrics by one of GRC’s very own singers, Stuart Bergstra. This collaboration between one of our own singers and Frank Horvat is going to be a magical one. “I wanted to mark our 25th anniversary with something that would stand the test of time, and I think these lyrics fit perfectly,” says Bergstra.

A song for all people…and all time

Many commissioned works are only for a special occasion and are rarely performed again. Director, Ron Cheung wanted to ensure that wasn’t the case with this new song. “We worked with Frank Horvat to ensure GRC could perform the piece again at special concerts and other choirs could also perform it in the future. We want it to reach many people and stand the test of time.”

A nod to the past…an eye to the future

The choir’s final performance of its 25th season is both a nod to the past and an eye to the future. The first half of the show will highlight songs its choristers have loved singing from the past 25 years. The second half will feature Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria. This will be the first time the GRC has performed this masterpiece. Tickets for the show are available at

You are cordially invited

After the concert, patrons are invited to mingle with choristers, directors, and board members, past and present, and to raise a toast to 25 years of performing glorious choral music in the community.